MEBA Webinar & Event Recordings 2020-2021

Did You Miss An Event?

Many MEBA events are recorded. Check the following list to catch up on missed trainings, opportunities, and offerings.

Due to space availability, some recordings have been taken down – recordings will remain for a 30-day time frame.

September 16 2020
Coffee Talk with International Paper
September 23 2020
Creating Career Connections Symposium
September 25 2020
Friday's Focus on Your Future - Topic: HOT JOBS
September 29 2020
Educator Field Study at Hansen International
September 29 2020
Insurance Technology Panel with the City of Columbia
October 13 2020
Field Study at Pleasure Craft Marine Engines
October 23 2020
Focus on Your Future Friday: Careers in Cyber Security and Information Technology
October 29 2020
October 30 2020
Friday’s Focus on Your Future, Topic: “Vision Boards”
November 18 2020
Creating Career Connections Coffee Talk: Careers in Construction of Roads & Bridges and Civil Engineering
November 20 2020
Friday’s Focus on Your Future: Careers in Law
December 4 2020
Partners Connect: Michelin Scholars Program
December 11 2020
MEBA Networking Meeting - Careers in Healthsciences
December 16 2020
Career Connections Coffee Talk: The Pandemic and Its’ Impact on NCAA/NAIA Eligibility: How to Empower the Parent to Take Control
December 18 2020
Focus on Your Future Friday: Finding Your Passion in Entrepreneurship
January 8 2021
Career Resources for Elementary School Students
January 13 2021
Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Habits for the New Year
January 19 2021
Partners Connect: Microburst Learning: Soft Skills Presentation

Presentations & Supporting Documents

December 2: Wellness Wednesday’s: Kay Barlow reads “HOW SANTA GOT HIS JOB

November 17: Partners Connect —  Work-based Learning Opportunities for Students and School Partnerships

October 29: MEBA Networking Meeting

October 21: Career Connections Coffee Talk: Featuring U.S. Army’s March 2 Success Program — March 2 Success Overview AND March2Success provides an online study program to help students prepare for standardized tests, improve school work and review materials. We also provide tools for educators and parents to track and encourage their students.  FREE tutoring/SAT/ACY Prep, materials:

March 2 Success Additional Resources

October 20: Partners Connect —  Apprenticeship Carolina and Participating Employer

September 29: Educator Field Study at Hansen International — Hansen International – Welcome Video  & Celebrating 100 Years Video

September 25: Careers of the Future — HOT JOBS Presentation